MycoKey 4.1
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Pay a MycoKey 4.1 license

When you buy a license from our secure shop you will receive an e-mail with a registration code. You can enter this code in the MycoKey statup dialog thus transforming the trial version to a full version.

buy MycoKey for Windows Vista to 10(at least 1300 x 700 px screen, 4 GB RAM): shop Windows . . .
buy MycoKey for Mac OSX (10.6.8 or better): shop Mac . . .

one license costs 40€ + VAT.

Buy a license from our secure shop to keep MycoKey running beyond the trial period and unlock extra features:

Have you installed and tested MycoKey on your computer?

If not, we recommend that you first go to the download page and install the 14 days trial version. This can later be transformed to a full MycoKey by entering the registration number acquire trough our web-shop.

After installation, do this tests to see if MycoKey runs smoothly on your system:
1. First try identifying a common fungus, e.g. the Fly Agaric (Amanita muscaria).
2. Next try opening the free species key to Amanita:
     To do this first find the genus Amanita.
     Then choose the "pdf-keys"-tap.
     Click the link to "Jan Vesterholt 2008: Key to the Nordic species of Amanita – Funga Nordica".
     The key should open in your preferred pdf-viewer.
3. If everything works, you may buy the license to gain access to the unlimited MycoKey
     including all 600 pdf-keys.