Fungal groups

The kingdom

The Fifth Kingdom online

Australian fungi website

MycoKey picture overview

Large collection of keys delivered by
the Pacific Northwest Key Council (North America)

Some keys to British fungi




MycoKey online easy

Boletes of California

Key to North American boletes

On Leccinum in Europe

On European boletes (in Dutch)

European Xerocomus key (in Dutch)

Paxillus (in German)


Agarics – dynamic/synoptic keys

MycoKey online easy (oldstyle)

MycoKeys new Morphing Mushroom Identifier beta

North American agarics (Matchmaker)

Agarics – other ressources

Cortinarius (Dermocybe)

some general info on Cortinarius





Laccaria in North America


Pluteus (in German)


The late Kees Uljés original and usefull Coprinus site has unfortunately been terminated.
This link goes to a pirate version of all contents except the Coprinus home front page.


the Russulales website

Russulales news

Key to Russula of North America

Online key to Russulas of North America

Key to species of Russula in North America (490 pages pdf, 56 MB)

Pleurotus website


MycoKey online easy

Key to polypores of North America

resupinate fungi (Corticiaceae ss. lato)

Keys to Tomentella sensu lato


MycoKey online easy

Key to genera of clavariaceous fungi of Northern Europe (pdf)

Ramaria of Pacific Northwest (North America) key I, key II

Ramaria of Fennoscandia (pdf)

Hydnaceous fungi

MycoKey online easy


Hongos de Veracruz on Phallales

Key to North American species of Nidulariales

Keys to Earthstars and Puffballs of Arizona

Key to genea of Basidiomycete truffles



Ascomycota (in French)

Ascomycetes of France

Funghiparadise by Björn Wergen



Key to Peziza of North America

Key to British species of Peziza


Key to Sarcosomataceae of North America




Helotiales from the Netherlands

Ascomycetes of France

Checklist of larger Ascomycetes of Poland

Key to genea af Ascomycete truffles


Xylariaceae 1 (World)

Xylariaceae 2 (France)




Hypocreales of the southeastern U.S.

Ascomycetes of France

Hysteriaceae & Mytilinidaceae



North American Lichen Project

Lichens home page


the whole phylum


other anamorphic fungi

The genus Aspergillus

Fungus and Actinomycete Gallery, Chiba University, Japan

(isolation, cultivation, identification)




Danish myxomycetes (incl. keys)



Find many more keys in the MycoWeb links . . .



















Mycological societies

Danish Mycological Society

Swedish Mycological Society

The norwegian society: Norges sopp- og nyttevekstforbund

British Mycological Society

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Mykologie

The Dutch Mycological Society

Belgian Mycological Society

a Swiss Mycological Society

Mycologial Society of America

North American Mycological Society

The Mycologist Society of Montreal


International Mycological Association
























Scandinavian mycological institutions

Botanical Institute, University of Copenhagen

Botanical Museum, University of Copenhagen

Botanical Garden and Museum, Oslo

Department of Forest Mycology and Pathology, Uppsala

Swedish Museum of Natural History


























Fungal phylogenies

Myconet (system to the Ascomycota)

the "117 clades of Euagarics" project

mor (the Hibbett lab of Clark University)


























Picture collections



Flemming V. Larsens fungal photo site

MycoWorld navigater



MycoKey picture overview

Treasures from the Kingdom of Fungi

Jens H. Petersens fungal photographs

Roger Phillips pictures of fungi


(mainly)  Europe

French fungi

Spanish fungi

Josef Hlaseks pictures (including Europe)

Harrys pilzfotopage (Germany)


North America

Californian fungi

MushroomExpert (mainly American fungi)

Indiana mushrooms

Fungi of Québec



Kinoko-ya -- Japanese fungi 1

Japanese fungi 2


Rest of the world

Fungi of Hawaii, Java and Bali

Basidiomycetes of the Greater Antilles

Agarics of Costa Rica

Forest Fungi from New Zealand

Fungi of South EasternAustralia


French Guiana (part of

Burkina Faso






















More mycological informations


Mycologists Online (e-mail index)

On colours - incl. a translator between Ridgway and Methuen/Kornerup & Wanscher

 Cyberliber - the online mycological library

The fifth Kingdom - mycological textbook online

The mushroom blog of Cornell University – the mycological protal


























Indexes and code


Index of Fungi

International Code of Botanical Nomenclature

Bibliography of systematic mycology


 British Mycological Society databases